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Consumer Goods

Manufacturers of appliances that come into direct contact with people have to comply with a huge number of statutory directives. Whether human vibrations ("hand-arm vibrations") or the fulfillment of legally stipulated sound power levels – the range of PAK software applications offers the right tools.

To stand apart from the competition, however, a system is required that is capable of doing more than monitoring legal regulations where technical measurements are concerned. For instance, there are development requirements for internal combustion engines whose overall acoustics and the vibration behavior can be improved with the aid of order and combustion analyses. To illustrate the vibration behavior, it is helpful if the entire deflection shape can be displayed as an animation. In doing so, specific order filters can be applied at critical operating points.

Sens(e)ible Adaptations

It must be possible to reproduce the human perception for all the senses. Here it is helpful to adapt the playback and recording of air-borne sound to the human ear using filter functions.

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