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Data Analysis

The best Solution for every Task ...

... with graphical user interfaces for different evaluations and easy to use, providing the option to process measurement data based on commonly used standards, and flexible to be tailored individually by users, including

  • Analysis of sound and vibration by way of various track parameters.
  • Automate commands for documentation processes.
  • Support of ASAM ODS-NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). ASAM is the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems. ODS (Open Data Service) is an international industrial standard and particularly common in the automotive industry.

Base Analyses: Recording of measurement data in the time domain, spectral analyses, observation of overall levels, third-octave analyses.

Rotational Analyses: Order analysis, torsional vibration analysis, crank angle analysis, combustion analysis, dynamic balancing.


Structural Analyses: shaker excitation, impulse hammer excitation, air-borne sound excitation.

Exterior Noise Measurements: real and simulated Pass By of a car as well as idle noise measurement.

Technical Acoustics: Sound power, sound intensity, sound source localization.

Sound Quality: psychoacoustic analyses, operational transfer path analyses, sensitivity analyses.

Control and Monitoring for measurement systems which are deployed in testbench environments, for instance for defining limit values for sound levels and frequencies.

Presentation: Utilization of the integral PAK interactive graphic functions in Microsoft® Office.

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