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Technical SUPPORT


Our Support Department Engineers are on hand for you after you have made your purchase.
They will test the hardware, integrate PAK measuring and analysis systems and set them up at the customer site. Since our engineers are familiar with each system environment, they are in a position to ensure that your system is optimally maintained.


On the basis of our long-standing experience in the field of customer collaboration we developed the hotline service package and matched it to the customers' specific requirements. Therefor this service represents one of the main pillars of our support portfolio. Our target lies in the rapid and targeted support of users in order to ensure smooth measuring processes and maximum operational reliability.

Repair and Return

Repairs of PAK MKII components are carried out at the manufacturer. In order to spare you the waiting time until repair, we introduced "repair by replacement" as standard proceeding. With this approach, the defective module is replaced by a module of the same properties stocked in our warehouse as repaired module. We are convinced that this standard proceeding provides our customers with the most rapid possibility for resuming their measuring processes.
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