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Service that helps you move forward

We provide tools for solving your acoustic and vibration technological problems.

Our turn-key system solutions consist of fine-tuned, top-quality components, can be used universally, and, thanks to their modularity, can be precisely adapted to the task at hand and specifically expanded if and when required.

Data Acquisition – Data Management – Data Analysis

Our measurement systems Data Management: Database and Data Browser System Software an a computer for data analysis

Data Acquisition

CenZtralized Data Management

Data Analysis Software

Our portfolio allows to combine adequate configured hardware with software for a computer or a samrt device for data acquisition, using the app or the software to visualize the recorded measurement data for the user. These data can be analyzed, simulated, assessed and modified according to complex acoustic and vibration technological behavior both comfortably and meaningfully now and later. An efficient data management, including data-storage and -processing on a data viewer, enables the user to access the data by use of a web browser via the company network from anywhere in the world, also if only a 3G/UMTS link is available. All measurement data are delivered in ASAM ODS data format for easy integration into ASAM ODS databases.

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