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Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery

Heavy-duty machinery

Modern construction machinery is characterized by high levels of efficiency, durability and productivity. The same appliances have to be modifiable for different purposes. This means that the demands placed on construction machinery's design are particularly exacting.

Heavy-duty machinery must also be deployable in environments where space is limited – another factor why special attention has to be paid to the acoustics. Not only do statutory maximum threshold levels have to be observed, but sustained development with regard to industrial safety and environmental behavior play a role as well.

An overall vibroacoustic Analysis

This means that NVH behavior as a whole should be taken into consideration in the development of construction machinery:

  • Where do sources radiate?
  • How are the excitations transmitted around the structure?
  • What impact do they have on the environment?

Simple questions that can be answered with the help of a versatile, modular and robust measurement system for acoustics and vibrations. This is where the PAK software makes a valuable contribution.

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