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Service Providers

Engineering and Development Services

Today, many project steps in the development of new vehicles or components are accompanied by engineering service providers. These are their customers’ development and technology partners and frequently cover a broad spectrum of services from the design stage through to testing. Acoustic and vibration tests often form a main element of their portfolio.

Since development service providers usually work under especially high time and cost pressures and have to react flexibly to their customers’ requirements, they require a high-performance and extendable measurement platform.

Cutting-edge Operating Concepts

PAK is a system solution that is accepted and approved by all the major automobile manufacturers. On the one hand, PAK supports standardized workflows so effectively that dependable and permanently documented measurement results are assured coupled with extremely low manpower requirements. On the other, with its cutting-edge operating concepts and online analyses, PAK offers maximum flexibility for handling suddenly changing tasks such as those that arise during troubleshooting.

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