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Utilization of the integral PAK interactive graphic functions directly in Microsoft® Office – this is possible with VAS Graphics2Go solution from Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme. As a plug-in, it seamlessly integrates itself into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Word to allow the use of most of the PAK graphic functions (for example viewing, zooming and rescaling previously saved diagrams) also without having the PAK-Software installed. Additionally, throughput data can be played back acoustically.

This transforms Word documents into elaborate measurement reports that can be prepared as conclusive analysis results to accompany vivid presentations. Static PowerPoint® presentations are enhanced to create dynamic PAK animations, which leave scalable vector graphics (SVG) far behind and exploit to the full all the advantages of interactive graphics.

More than dynamic

Beginning with the static formats pdf, emf and png through to the dynamic Office clipboard and SVG, this represents a further development in the usage of PAK graphics.

Settings can be changed immediately prior to the presentation. Together with the projector that is being used, this ensures a perfect visualization experience. For example, it is possible to quickly darken lighter curve colors and to choose a different background coloring.


In the Video "Presentation via E-mail" [WMV] (approx. 1 min) Mr. Miller receives a VAS Graphics2Go package via e-mail and implements it in his PowerPoint® presentation.

VAS Graphics2Go package
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