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Products > Data Acquisition > pak and Smart Devices > PAK capture app
PAK capture suite

The PAK capture app uses smart devices to communicate with the PAk recorder on the PAK MKII. The intuitive interface of the app enables users to easily configure measurements, control data acquisition and monitor the measurement in real-time. This is possible due to the continuous display of information from the PAK MKII to the smart device. Let PAK capture be your perfect tool for running measurements with your fingertips.

When connected with the PAK MKII, PAK live shares information and offers the necessary controls for the entire setup to the app.

When configuring the channel settings, adjustments are continuously shown in real-time on the time signal. The immediate display of the effects allows you to quickly find the appropriate channel settings.

Using the audio capabilities of the smart device, an offline playback is included for the subjective evaluation of signals.


Users can trigger the start and stop of measurements. PAK recorder keeps control and informs users of critical statuses contributing to data integrity.

Quickly verify your work by browsing through your recorded data. The browser provides a full overview of the recorded data and the signal quality of each channel.

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