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PAK capture suite

The PAK recorder is your service to capture and store dynamic data using PAK live software embedded on the PAK MKII.
PAK live hosts communication channels for various apps. These apps can access PAK live and control the measurement. This intelligence enables the direct link to smart devices and facilitates the standalone approach. The result is an extremely stable and secure data recording with the highest data quality possible. PAK live can offer multiple services for measuring and analyzing directly on the PAK MKII. Your data recording remains independent.

PAK live on the PAK MKII G2 controller offers a complete standalone environment and houses services like PAK recorder.

During the measurement, users can interact via WLAN. For downloading data, either the WLAN or the Gbit LAN may be used.

By checking overloads of signals and connection of sensors, the PAK MKII monitors the validity of the signals.

The PAK recorder streams data to the internal SSD (256 GB) on the PAK MKII. The data is calibrated in ISO units and stored in the ASAM ODS NVH format.

The broad range of supported analog inputs easily addresses even complex measurement tasks with high channel counts.
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