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High Quality does sound good!

The noise behavior of household appliance may not be neglected for the impression of the quality. Eventually there is the unconscious expectation of the end-user, which shall be met. For example: Pushing a button should not result in creaking and the noise during operation should be pleasant and convey the impression of reliability.

Apart from the basic analysis processes like narrowband frequency analysis and level curve, psychoacoustic parameters are used to rate the occurring noise:

  • loudness
  • sharpness
  • roughness
  • fluctuation strength

Comparative listening to series of measurements recorded under different states of construction is also very helpful. These series of measurements can be stored and archived with PAK.

Also additional parameters like temperature and rpm can be saved. This enables later analysis of the data according to the given context.

Furthermore PAK supports noise-emission-measurements based on acoustic power measurement as well as mapping of the localized sound emissions according to IEC 704 standard.

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