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Fields > Plant engineering > Hydraulics

Hydraulics in vehicles

Hydraulically operated components are to be found in all segments of industry and can form a key transfer path for discernible noise and vibration phenomena. Here, connected pumps and hydraulic hoses have to be uncoupled to avoid any transference to the overall system, for example to a vehicle.

As well as investigating the air-borne sound phenomena of hydraulic pumps, vibration behavior is another point of interest on account of the pulsation excitation in the hoses.

All the air-borne and structure-borne sound phenomena of entire composite systems can be recorded and evaluated with PAK systems using its applications for

  • investigating pulsing signals
  • visualizing the deflection shape and
  • analyzing rotation-related signals.

The shaker interfacing and excitation with an impulse hammer can also be used to examine of the coupling of hoses and pumps.

We provide all the necessary tools in one single system. PAK systems have a modular design and can be extended to accommodate the user's task areas.

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