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Agricultural Machinery

Every day, agricultural machinery has to endure heavy workloads. Failures are critical because natural processes cannot be held up. Not only do appliances have to function, but they also have to satisfy the toughest demands when it comes down to driving comfort and acoustics.

The challenges in the development process are immense. Variable combinations of tractors fitted with different farming equipment or self-propelled harvesting machines result in a huge number of excitation profiles for the overall system. Efficient drive mechanisms are required here which form a complex system on account of the mix of development tasks in classical mechanical engineering.

Fulfilling these development tasks requires efficient tools.

Flexibility in the Countryside

PAK, as a state-of-the-art and flexible measurement system, supports a development process that records sources (drive mechanisms, rotating components, chassis excitation, etc.) and visually represents the impact throughout the overall system. Cutting edge tools for determining the transfer paths provide helpful insights for improving the construction, enabling the acoustic and vibration-related comfort to be directly enhanced. It is particularly important to be able to simultaneously and accurately record and evaluate the effects of the sources.

PAK, in conjunction with the PAK MKII measurement device, is a robust and mobile system featuring a huge number of input conditions that always has the right solution at hand.

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